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Principal's Scholars
Entire School Attendance

Students must have all A's and S's in every subject area.

Students must have all S's in Work Study Habits and
Conduct Evaluation Criteria with no suspensions.

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Bactrim - a combined drug, containing two active ingredients: sulfanamide drug sulfamethoxazole and derivative of diaminopyrimidine - trimethoprimum. Colibacillus life activity oppresses that leads to reduction of synthesis of thymine, riboflavinum, niacin, etc. group B vitamins in intestines. Duration of therapeutic effect makes 7 years.

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Clotrimazole Substitute of cardace 5 and betamethasone dipropionate clotrimazole lozenge where to buy price - 3 times more expensive than amoxicillin (10 times as expensive dicloxacillin). But it will still clotrimazole 1 buy not be canada pharmacy discount coupons as expensive an antibiotic with better properties. Amoxil The buy clotrimazole tablets lowest price drug on market. The main benefit is that it an effective treatment for pneumonia when given as a single dose. The cost of amoxicillin is still around $0.50.

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An antifungal agent from the group of imidazole derivatives for external and local applications reduces the synthesis of ergosterol, which is a part of the cell membrane of the microbial wall and leads to a change in its structure and properties. In fungicidal concentrations, it interacts with mitochondrial and peroxidase enzymes, leading to an increase in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide to toxic levels, which also contributes to the destruction of fungal cells. The pills are active against pathogenic dermatophytes, pathogens of multi-colored lichen, erythrasma, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

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Clotrimazole and betamethasone for genital warts in patients younger than 18 years of age (WHO Collaborating Centre for the Control of Schistosoma genitalium. treatment for genital warts in young girls aged 15-17 years ). Lancet 2000; 365 : 439 – 45. 16. Zlotnik T Eberhardt J et al. Warts in adolescents: prevalence and trends a general population sample, J Hum Genet. 1997; 50 : 615 – 33. 17. Zlotnik TA Kornman JM et al. Trends and geographic variation in the prevalence of genital warts in adolescent girls, J Gen Med. 1997; 34 : 193 – 8. 18. Kollins JG The age of risk infection: a new look at the biological factors of infection. Annu Rev Med. 1997; 48 : 427 – 43. 19. Fuchs M Mancio C De Sica P Epidemiological investigation of genital human papillomavirus genotypes with a focus on the role of human papillomavirus types 17/18 and 10 on genital human papillomavirus infection and warts. Genitourin Med. 1993; 38 : 81 – 93. 20. Kowala MJ The epidemiology of genital human papillomavirus, type-specific oral cytotoxicity and its role as a cause of oral lesions among teenage girls: a population-based study of the role sexual behavior. J Gen Virol. 1993; 71 : 1 – 9. 21. Zlotnik TA Clotrimazol precio españa sin receta Kuller LH Warts in adolescents and adult women. Sex Transm Dis. 1995; 20 : 488 – 96. 22. Dohor M Gorman A Borkov JJ The prevalence of warts in women with and without genital warts. Am J Epidemiol. 1984; 119 : 821 – 4. 23. Kollins JG Fuchs M Epidemiology of genital human papillomavirus. A case control study using genital examinations. Epidemiol Infect. 1994; 98 : 49 – 54. 24. Zlotnik TA Kuller LH Warts in women: prevalence and correlates. Enalapril market price Am J Public Health. 1994; 84 : 1591 – 5. 25. Jansen LW Tung YG et al. Oral lesions and sexual behavior among heterosexual Chinese women: evidence from a population-based study in Hong Kong. Am J Epidemiol. 1996; 144 : 677 – 85. 26. Leung KJ clotrimazole ear drops otc Kollins JG Horsch JD Fuchs M The prevalence of genital warts and oral lesions in women with and without vulvar or vaginal warts: the Beijing Women's Health Study. Arch Gynecol Pathol. 1995; 113 : 599 – 602. 27. Pinto MC Ziegler ML et al. A study of the prevalence oral warts among female prostitutes in New York City. Arch Sex canada pharmacy 24 discount code Behav. 1997; 23 : 441 – 5. 28. Jansen LW Fuchs M Oral and vaginal human papillomaviruses: a study of the etiologic relations among major types with special emphasis on the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus type 16. J Clin Invent. 2001; 29 : 1321 – 38. 29. Pinto MC Dohor M et al. Sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses: prevalence and relationship to anal vaginal warts among New York City sex workers. Am J Hum Genet. 1995; 58 : 879 – 89. 30. Bieschke F The role of human papillomavirus in cervical cancer: from a clinical and epidemiologic point of view. J Natl Cancer Inst. 1988; 79 : 637 – 47. 31. Bieschke F Human papillomavirus, papillomas, and the development of cervical carcinogenesis. Oncol Rep. 1995; 16 : 833 – 6. 31. Jansen LW Dohor M Human papillomavirus infection in women with invasive cervical cancer: epidemiology and risk factors. Lancet. 1994; 344 : 1467 – 74. 32. Kollins JG Fuchs M Oral and vulvar human papillomavirus the risk for anal and vaginal cancer in women. Am J Epidemiol. 1996; 144 : 647 – 50. 33. Leung KJ Kollins JG Horsch JD Fuchs M The presence of warts in female sex workers Beijing: a population-based study, Int J Cancer. 1997; 66 : 765 – 8. 34. Leung KJ Fuchs M Kuller LH Koopmans RJW Epidemiology of genital human papillomavirus, warts, and warts among women with without vulvar and vaginal warts. J Gen Med. 1998; 38 : 823 – 34. 35. Leung KJ Fuchs M Kuller LH Zincaparib.

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Young Men of Marbut Annual Blanket Drive - Hosa Feed

Nominated to participate in The DeKalb County
Elementary Honor Chorus Festival held on
May 6 and 7, 2011 @ Avondale Estates First
Baptist Church Sanctuary.



PRINCIPAL'S SCHOLAR (January 9, 2008)

Community Services:

Fredene Davis - CEO

Kiddy Kampus Day CareCenter - Story Time Reader (Book Buddy)

706-468-6255 December 2006

February 2007

Oliver Dean - Principal

Tony Elementary School - African American Male Read-In (Black History Celebration) Feb. 23, 2007

2701 Oakland Terrace

Decatur GA 30032


School Clubs Participation:
4-H Club
Dream Chasers
Science Club
Spanish Club
Young Men of Marbut


MATH-A-THON 2006-2007